Sunday, May 31, 2009

Noela Drive - Ka Lani Lua

So today marks the end of my 9 day stint in Hawaii overlooking Waikiki. I have been the 'house-sitter' for my father-in-law. He is the property manager for the house.

The house sits up on diamond-head overlooking a huge park (Kapiolani) and all the hotels of Waikiki. I have surfed everyday, in board shorts (not a 5 ml wetsuit). Stacy came in over the weekend and we had a great time hanging out together. I miss her and will get to see her soon... I have enjoyed being away. But I'm glad to be coming back to what I know and to people who know me.

I used to go on vacation and think, 'I want to live here.' Like, as if life would be better if I'm on vacation all the time. This trip was different, although I was able to hang out and surf, I still had responsibilities. I had tasks that I had to be responsible for, things that needed to get done. That responsibility was/is a great gift.

Ususally, on a vacation, I think only about what's next on the agenda not about the plants that have yet to be watered or the pool that needs more chlorine. On vacation I think, ' that pool looks fun to swim in,' not, 'I think the tiles need some scrubbing.'

Anywhoo, it's been a much different trip... I'll write more later...

I was given a taste of what life would be like, if by chance, we were to move here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

List of Creatures I've seen... Grand Cayman, BWI

School of Silversides: Tiny Minnows
School of Jacks
French Grunts
Needle fish
Juvenile French Angel Fish
Green Anemone
Reef Squid
Souther Stingray
Eagle ray
Green Morey Eel
Spotted Morey
Spotted Drum
Fairy Basslet
Blue, Brown and Yellow Chromis
Blue and Yellow Tang

Friday, May 8, 2009

Eden Rock: Time to Dive

Well... I'm in Grand Cayman, BWI (British West Indies) about to go diving for the 3rd time today. I used to work here, long ago. Everything has changed on the land... but underwater... oh man... is it beautiful!

We are going to dive as a whole family at a place called Eden Rock. I don't have my camera or video... all I have to do is be present...

I will write of our adventure later.