Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nostalgia is not what is seems to be...

I've read and seen the movie 'the watchmen.' Throughout the book an ad campaign called "Nostalgia" is seen everywhere. On billboards, TV, in newspapers... everywhere.

Stacy and I just got back from OKC yesterday for her 20 year high school reunion. It was interesting to be an outside observer of nostalgia in action. The strange thing is that most everyone there had this past relationship in HS, but life moved forward and all that is left are nostalgic memories of the past.

In 'Watchmen' 'Nostalgia' is a fragrance. My experience of the reunion was like observing people with different fragrances of nostalgia... some people had too much on, others, not enough.

My point is that nostalgia defines the past the way you want it to be... and keeps one from being present in the now.

Maybe the point of watchmen is that we glorify the past, therefore we cant see the present.

Note: High School reunions are a bit painful to observe... I can't wait for mine!