Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What I like...

I like:
Waking up next to Stacy (my wife) each day... even when I feel like I haven't gotten enough sleep.
The way cold, wet air feels when I breathe deeply (Oregon Dankness)
The Sound of the Ocean
The feeling of getting tumbled in the waves
Sliding down the face of a wave on a board
A good conversation
Watching L'Aubergale run around in circles with excitement
Watching Cleo(catra)'s belly fur blowing when the heater turns on
Talking about and Pondering the words of Jesus
Fly Fishing on the Metolius (even if I don't catch any fish)
Snowboarding with friends
Attempting new things
Remembering laughter
Watching movies
Seeing what resides in the ocean (All creatures)
My family of friends

I like a lot of things but this is a good start

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